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The Lliw Walking Club was formed in June 2016.It has replaced a popular walking club which was set up in the Felindre area and that was  formed in 2005. The renaming was necessary due to unforseen circumstances. It is just the name that has changed.

The club now has approximately 150 members and an average of 25  regularly turn up to each long and short walk. All the walks are planned by qualified leaders who walk the routes beforehand. They check all aspects of health and safety and make sure walkers enjoy the countryside in a safe environment. Before each walk, the leaders explain relevant details of the terrain and conditions. They also recommend suitable footwear and clothing, so that all walkers are well prepared. 

Our programme starts in March with a social evening for members.  There are a few long walks in January and February.Throughout the walking season, which ends in November, members can choose from over 40 walks. The long walks take place on Wednesdays and Saturdays and vary from 12 to 15kms (7.5 to 9 miles). The walks are graded and anyone with a reasonable amount of fitness should be able to take part without any problem. However, we do have a "Short Walks Programme", coordinated byKeith Jones. These shorter walks are on the flat and are less than 8kms (5 miles). The walks are particularly suited to members recovering from illness or injury and also help with fitness levels before taking part in the main walks programme.

In 2019 the membership subscription is £10.00 per person with a family membership of £25.00 (4 person max). Included in the membership is a membership card, a list of the main and short walks programmes and an information brochure.


1. To develop the acquaintance of people in the community.

2. To promote walking as the nearest activity to perfect exercise.

3. To promote walking as a means of improving general health and fitness.

4.To promote walking as a means of returning to health and fitness following injury or illness.




1. Leaders may refuse to take on their walk any person who does not appear fit enough for the proposed route or who is not properly equipped for the conditions.

2.Walk behind your leader unless directed otherwise.

3. Keep in visual contact with the walker in front and be aware of those behind to ensure they are following.

4.Comply with the guidance of your leader as this is intended to safeguard your safety.

5. Lliw Walking Club cannot be held responsible for any accident occurring during the walk.

6. No dogs allowed as livestock may be encountered.


We look forward to you joining one of our walks this season.

Rein and Pauline Part

Lliw Walking Club


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